KETIKS.COM – This year’s Italian Grand Prix was won by McLaren duo Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris, along with Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas. This amazing victory was not the only one that happened at Monza. Because throughout the history of Formula 1, special wins have often occurred at this historic Italian circuit. (Shinehire)

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Monza is the second oldest permanent circuit in use today in Formula 1. This circuit has hosted the Italian Grand Prix since 1950, except for 1980. The circuit, which was built in 1922, has a very long straight. However, it was broken up by chicane and slow corners, making Monza one of the circuits with the fastest average speed.

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The majority of Formula 1 cars run at full speed for 80% of this circuit. So it requires a different arrangement and configuration of the car when compared to other circuits. A car must travel with minimal downforce. But also balanced aerodynamics and a stable and strong suspension to be able to cross a curb without problems.

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Monza has witnessed many incredible, historic, iconic and emotional races and victories. From Niki Lauda’s return after his fatal crash at the Nurburgring (1976), Michael Schumacher’s record-equalizing win for Ayrton Senna (2000), Charles Leclerc’s win with Ferrari at Monza after 9 years (2019), to Pierre Gasly’s first win (2020) ).

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This year’s Italian Grand Prix was won by Daniel Ricciardo. With Lando Norris in 2nd position and Valtteri Bottas in 3rd position. The win was Ricciardo’s first in more than three years. And it is also McLaren’s first win since 2012. This is one of many proofs that Monza always delivers extraordinary wins.

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