KETIKS.COM We always been fascinated by optical illusions. But in one way or another, nature also could “make” one. For example, the lake named Sørvágsvatn. Which looks like the lake is above the ocean below. (Shinehire)

Source: Nick Hood

Sørvágsvatn is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands (3,4 km²). The plains around the lake have a tundra characteristic. However, if we see from the right angle, we will see an optical illusion as if the lake is above the Atlantic Ocean. Although the lake is located above sea level.


The lake is located on the island of Vagar. Which is located between the city of Srvágur in the west and the village of Vatnsoyrar in the north. In the southern part of the lake, there is a waterfall that leads to the sea, named Bøsdalafossur Waterfall. The whole island also had a little history in the World War II. Due to its strategic location, the British built their military on the west side of the lake in anticipation of passing German warships.

Source: National News Pakistan (NNP)

Locals often argue about the name of this lake. Some call it Sørvágsvatn, while others call it Leitisvatn. In addition, there are many myths surrounding this lake. For example, the myth about a creature named Nykur in the form of a horse. However, Nykur seduces people to ride it and then takes the rider to the bottom to drown and kill the rider.

Source: James Kelly Landscape

Access to the lake is quite easy, because there is an airport on the island. Furthermore, we can walk or use a car to reach the lake. Upon arrival, we will be greeted by waves from the ocean crashing against the cliffs and green meadows, accompanied by the sound of the Bøsdalafossur waterfall.

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