KETIKS.COM Queen of Icelandic Mountains is a fitting name for this volcano in Iceland. This majestic volcano, called Herðubreið, is ​​the most eye-catching in a desert where there’s only rocks and lava flows. For centuries, this mountain has been known as one of the most difficult mountains to climb. (Shinehire)

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Towering high in the barren volcanic desert of Odaðahraun, Herðubreið is the 6th highest peak in Iceland. With a height of 1682 meters, this volcano belongs to the tuya category. Which means a volcanic with a flat top and steep sides that are formed when lava flows through thick glaciers or ice sheets.

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In the 18th century, Herðubreið (pronounced Herdubreid) was renowned as one of the most difficult mountains to climb. This is because the terrain is very slippery and steep. Even the terrain to get to the foot of the mountain is quite challenging. But in 1908, German geologist Hans Reck and local climber Sigurður Sumarliðason made it to the peak, becoming the first to conquer the mountain.

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The best time to climb the mountain is between early July and late August. Other than that, the rivers will be swift and hard to pass. While the hiking trail will be full of ice and slippery. So it is dangerous and can be life threatening. It is also important to climb with local climbers so as not to get lost. Because they will know the path and terrain there.


No doubt that the peak of Herðubreið provides a magnificent view for those who make it to the top. The mountain, which is included in Vatnajökull National Park, has become a protected site. Nearby, there is an oasis called Herðubreiðarlindir, which serves as a campsite for those who wish to climb the mountain.

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