KETIKS.COM Amidst the beautiful Norwegian alpine and it’s breathtaking nature, lies the snow mountain that becomes Norway’s national symbol. Named Galdhøpiggen, it is one of the best hiking spots for beginners. Mostly because the terrain is not hard to pass and can be done at any time. (Shinehire)

Evelyne De Boeck

Galdhøpiggen is the tallest mountain in Norway and Northern Europe. Towering up to 2.469 meters above sea level, this mountain is located in Jotunheimen National Park. Which is located in the Innlandet area, the southern part of Norway. This mountain is surrounded by 3 glaciers, namely the Svellnosbrean Glacier to the south, the Storejuvbrean Glacier to the west, and the Styggebrean Glacier to the north.

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Evelyne De Boeck

Galdhøpiggen is a Norwegian word. Galdhø itself means “giant mountain with steep road”. This meaning refers to the old road between Gudbrandsdalen and Sogn that passes through this mountain. While piggen has the meaning of peak, spike, or tip. So Galdhøpiggen means “peak of a giant mountain with steep road”.

Cameron Hjelmstad

In the past, both Norwegians and foreigners did not know that Galdhøpiggen was the highest mountain. The title of the highest mountain in Norway at that time was given to Mount Snøhetta, located in the Dovrefjell region. One of the unique events that ever happened was the growth of Ranunculus glacialis and Saxifraga oppositifolia flowers in the harsh environment of this mountain.

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As previously mentioned, Galdhøpiggen is one of the best hiking spots for beginners. The terrain on the Spiterstulen hiking trail is quite easy and family friendly, even we can climb this mountain with children under 10 years old. For those who like a challenge, climbers can pass the Styggebrean glacier, which of course requires skill and experience to get through.

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