KETIKS.COM – There is a saying that “The journey is sometimes more meaningful than the destination”. The following roads are some of the proofs. Because the following roads are so beautiful, that they can even compete with the beauty of tourist destinations. Here are 5 roads with the most beautiful scenery in the world. (Shinehire)

Milford Road, New Zealand

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Milford Road takes tourists to some of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand. Those who have passed it say that Milford Road offers views like the Alps in Europe which are very beautiful, even we sometimes have to stop to enjoy the beauty. On this scenic walk, there are Mirror Lake, Earl Mountains and the Cleddau River and its breathtaking waterfalls.

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The Atlantic Road, Norway

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Vacation to Norway wouldn’t be complete if you have not passed this road. About 5 miles or 8 kilometers away, The Atlantic Road connects the Villages of Vevang with Kårvåg via Norway’s picturesque seafront islands. We can see beautiful scenery or even a storm hitting the streets if we are not lucky. The Atlantic Road has been awarded “the most scenic road in the world” title many times by various media.

Route 163, United States

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For those who like to watch Hollywood movies, surely many are familiar with this scenery. Route 163, which lies on the border of Arizona and Utah, is famous for its red rock desert. We can even see the iconic Monument Valley through this route. As previously mentioned, many films are set in Route 163. Such as Easy Rider, The Eiger Sanction, and even Forrest Gump.

Blue Ridge Parkway, United States

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Located in the United States as well, Blue Ridge Parkway has earned the nickname “America’s Favorite Drive”. The nickname is not without reason, we will be presented with beautiful mountain views along this road. From the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Not only that, we can also see the grasslands and the rugged Appalachian Mountains.

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Ring Road, Iceland

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As the name suggests, Route 1 or better known as the Ring Road is a road that circles the entirety of Iceland. Like a ring, this scenic road takes tourists on a journey around Iceland and its amazing destinations. Some of the destinations are Seljalandsfoss Falls, Lake Mývatn and the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon.

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