KETIKS.COM – From majestic mountains and beautiful fjords, to glittering metropolitan areas, Norway is arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Because of it’s location, this Scandinavian country is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis. Here are the best tourist destinations in Norway. (Shinehire)



Oslo is the capital of Norway. Despite it’s modern and dynamic vibes, the capital still blends in with nature and has a relaxed atmosphere. Surrounded by dense forests, we can enjoy urban city life and nature-based activities at the same time. There are many Viking and Scandinavian history museums here, so we can learn about the history of Norway and other Scandinavian countries, including Sweden and Denmark.

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Kristiansand is the southernmost city in Norway, and the most sunlit city in the country. Due to its location in the southernmost part, many domestic and international tourists vacate in Kristiansand during the summer. Nicknamed Norway’s Summer Paradise, Kristiansand has a charming and relaxing coastal area. Kristiansand is also the home to Under, the Michelin-starred largest underwater restaurant.


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At Senja, we will be greeted with an amazing combination of sea, mountains and beaches, all of the best of Norway in one place. Senja is also known as one of the best fishing location in the world, and has some of the most challenging hiking and biking trails in this one of the most prosperous country. Many restaurants here also offer some of the best Norway cuisines that reflects the region.



Northern Lights is a phenomenon of natural light display in the ionosphere layer due to the interaction between the magnetic field and solar particles from the sun. Apart from Senja, we can see this beautiful phenomenon in Lyngenfjord, the exotic and charming mountains near the Arctic Circle. In Lyngenfjord, you can find giant glaciers, valleys and fjords scattered across the mountains, all waiting to be explored.

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Fjord is a valley formed by melting glaciers, resulting in a giant saltwater “river” with more than 500 meters deep and connected to the sea. The fjord in Geirangerfjord is so deep and wide, that a giant yacht can sail in it. This UNESCO protected tourist destination is surrounded by fjords and mountains with snow-capped peaks, natural waterfalls and lush green vegetation.

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