KETIKS.COM – Japan is well known throughout the world for it’s unique cuisine. One of the prima donna foods from this rising sun country are Sushi, Tempura, Omurice, and of course Ramen. This dish, which consists of noodles served in a warm broth with toppings, can be the first dish we think of when we think of Japanese cuisine. Although there are many types with their own characteristics, there are only 5 main types and most commonly found. Here are 5 must try ramens from Japan. (Shinehire)

Karē Ramen


As the name suggests, this ramen is cooked with curry. Usually, this noodle has the main ingredients of onions, carrots, and potatoes, sometimes celery is added to this cook. The broth in this noodle dish is made from stewed beef bones, vegetables, and of course curry. This results in a slightly spicy broth.

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Tonkotsu Ramen

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The noodle, known as Tonkotsu, is a very popular type of noodle using pork bone broth as a soup. This most popular ramen from Japan has a soft meat taste and is characterized by a cloudy white soup. The broth is made from pork bones that have been boiled for hours. Resulting in a gravy that has a soft, milky texture and consistency.

Shio Ramen

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This noodle is one of the oldest types of ramen in Japan. This noodle preparation has the characteristics of a pale yellow and clear broth color. The soup from these noodles has a high salt content, and the broth can come from chicken, vegetables, fish, to seaweed. As the name implies, namely Shio which means salt, it tastes quite salty. Even so, these noodles are still delicious because they are balanced by the various toppings.

Shōyu Ramen


This noodle dish has a clear brown broth, because it comes from chicken, fish, beef, and vegetable broths. The noodles, which often use egg and scallion toppings, are famous for their rich taste but not too much. This noodle has the main seasoning as the name implies, namely Shoyu or soy sauce so that it produces a sharp, salty, and savory broth taste but has a mild taste and is not too sharp.

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Miso Ramen


The ramen, which is quite unique in Japan, is characterized by an oily and orange-colored chicken and fish broth. With the addition of a typical Japanese seasoning such as Miso. This noodle dish, which usually has a vegetable topping, is famous for its thick, spicy, and slightly sweet broth. The addition of Miso to this noodle makes it have a sharp and distinctive taste.

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