KETIKS.COM – Sepanjang tahun 2020, ada banyak sekali game-game yang telah rilis. Berbagai macam jenis game yang berasal dari berbagai macam platform yang berbeda. Beberapa dari itu merupakan game yang sangat bagus. Hal ini terbukti karena game-game tersebut sangat laku terjual ketika awal perilisannya.

Selain itu, ada beberapa kritikus dan media game yang juga menilai game-game tersebut. Salah satu media tersebut adalah IGN.

Berikut ini adalah 4 game 2020 yang mendapatkan nilai 10/10 dari IGN. Check this out!


The Last of Us Part 2


The Last of Us Part II adalah video game aksi-petualangan dan horor kesintasan yang dikembangkan oleh Naughty Dog dan diterbitkan oleh Sony Interactive Entertainment. Pengumuman permainan ini berasal dari acara PlayStation Exprience pada bulan Desember 2016, dan berfungsi sebagai sekuel game tahun 2013 bernama The Last of Us.

Berikut adalah kutipan review dari IGN.

From our review by Jonathon Dornbush: “The Last of Us Part 2 is a masterpiece worthy of its predecessor. Taking strides forward in nearly every way, Ellie steps into the spotlight and carries the sequel in a manner that feels like the culmination of everything. That is made Naughty Dog’s blockbuster storytelling so memorable since the original Uncharted on the PlayStation 3. It delivers a layered, emotionally shattering story on top of stealth and action gameplay that improves the first game’s mechanics while integrating a bit more of Uncharted’s greater mobility and action. But while Part 2 is a thrilling adventure, it still makes time for a stunning, nuanced exploration of the strength and fragility of the human spirit. The PlayStation 4 has one of its best exclusives in one of the generation’s best games.”


Persona 5 Royal


Persona 5 Royal adalah permainan peran video yang dikembangkan Atlus untuk konsol permainan PlayStation 3 dan PlayStation 4. Game ini merupakan seri keenam dalam seri Persona, yang merupakan bagian dari waralaba Megami Tensei yang lebih besar. Game ini juga merupakan versi lebih baik dari game sebelumnya yaitu Persona 5

Berikut adalah kutipan review dari IGN.

From our review by TJ Hafer: “Persona 5 was already a strong front-runner for being the best JRPG ever made, and Royal really gets me wondering what else could even compete. The excellent story and its lovable, multidimensional characters along with the challenging, tactical combat are all refined and back for another round with new surprises and new friends in tow. There are new areas to explore and new twists to leave your jaw on the floor. Very little has been left untouched, and just about everything that has been touched is better off for it. The Phantom Thieves have stolen my heart all over again, and I don’t really want it back.”


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Half-Life : Alyx


Half-Life: Alyx adalah penembak orang pertama realitas virtual tahun 2020 yang dikembangkan dan diterbitkan oleh Valve. Diatur di antara peristiwa Half-Life dan Half-Life 2. Para pemain mengontrol Alyx Vance dalam misi untuk merebut senjata super milik Alien Combine. Pada game ini, kamu dapat memainkannya dengan bermain seperti biasa, dan juga bisa dengan menggunakan VR.

Berikut adalah kutipan review dari IGN.

Not only is Half-Life: Alyx the first game IGN has given a 10/10 since late 2018, it’s also the first VR game IGN has ever awarded a “Masterpiece” score. Filling an eight-year gap in the series, Half-Life: Alyx takes places prior to the events of Half-Life 2 and follows Alyx Vance as she and her father fight against an alien threat known as the Combine. In our Half-Life: Alyx review, we said, “Valve has set a new bar for VR in interactivity, detail, and level design, showing what can happen when a world-class developer goes all-in on the new frontier of technology.”


Microsoft Flight Simulator


Microsoft Flight Simulator merupakan program simulasi penerbangan untuk Microsoft Windows. Dipasarkan dalam bentuk permainan Video Games dan dijalankan dengan sistem windows.

Berikut adalah kutipan review dari IGN.

From our review by Seth G. Macy: “Microsoft Flight Simulator is legitimately incredible. It’s delicate to fully describe how amazing it feels. Jump into a plane and have the freedom fly to and from literally any place in the entire world. The base game’s 20 included aircraft feel like more than enough for even hardcore aviation enthusiasts. Also the ability to adjust the assists to tailor the experience to whatever skill level you desire. Makes it suitable for anyone looking to fly the friendly skies from the comfort of their home. The real-world mapping data, however, takes Microsoft Flight Simulator from being just an impressive game to the most awe-inspiring simulation I’ve ever experienced, in spite of its less than stellar load times. Seeing famous landmarks, landing at the world’s most recognizable airports, or just touching down in a remote landing strip in South America. It is so mind-bogglingly cool and an absolutely unparalleled way to virtually explore our world.”

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