KETIKS.COM – Crocodiles are one of the oldest animals on earth. The species that have existed since 200 million years ago can be said to be modern-day dinosaurs. Among the giant crocodiles recorded, one of the most famous is Gustave. This crocodile is feared by local residents because of it’s gigantic size and it’s history of preying on humans. (Shinehire)

Since 1987, residents who live near the Ruzizi River and Lake Tanganyika often tell about giant crocodiles that often prey on humans. This giant crocodile named Gustave was responsible for the deaths of approximately 300 people. This crocodile species Crocodylus niloticus often hunts and kills humans. With children and fishermen as the majority of the victims.

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Judging from the monster’s teeth, Gustave was roughly between 60 and 70 years old. Although there are no official measurements yet, this crocodile is approximately 6 meters long (probably more). Almost the length of Lolong, which is the largest crocodile in the world ever measured. It alone weighs about 1 tonne, hundreds of kilograms heavier than it’s fellow species.

Gustave has also been a witness, even a victim of a civil war. Many war victims were dumped in the Ruzizi River, and this is thought to be the trigger for it’s appetite for humans. At around the same time, many tried to kill Gustav because the soldiers or mercenaries was terrorized by it. Even using firearms such as AK-47 and even RPG-7, but only made a little scratch and holes.

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National Geographic

Many believe that Gustave not only eats humans, but also actively hunts them. The scariest thing is, the crocodile which has the nickname Man-Eater, does not hunt humans to survive. Because many of its victims who have died are left alone for no apparent reason. It seems like it deliberately terrorizing residents and proving it’s existence.

In 2004, Patrice Faye and his researchers and documentary crew attempted to trap and caught it. Although it was documented, Faye’s efforts to hunt down Gustave did not have any results. In Capturing the Killer Croc, his team even used live goat bait. But the goat mysteriously disappeared, and the camera in the trap broke down. No conclusions can be drawn.

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Whenever Gustave’s legend began to fall into oblivion, it always reappeared. Like reminding the world that monsters seems to exist. After years of being out of sight, in 2015 Gustave (presumably) was documented dragging an adult wildebeest. Although wildebeest is hard to hunt by crocodiles, it is an easy thing for it. Considering it had been seen hunting adult hippos.

Since then it’s been missing again, but maybe in the future or Gustave will be back soon. There is a high possibility that this giant remained between the lakes and rivers of Burundi, considering that crocodiles can live up to about a century. The story of Gustave, the giant African crocodile that kills humans, is still unfinished.

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