KETIKS.COM – In World War 2, the countries involved competed to build weapons systems and state-of-the-art technology. As the war progressed, weaponry was designed to be bigger, heavier, more powerful, and of course more lethal. In order to compete with the enemies that will be faced. The United States Navy built the largest warship with unmatched weaponry, technology and radar systems at the time, the USS Iowa. (Shinehire)

Weapons and Warfare

USS Iowa is a fast battleship-type from the United States with serial number BB-61. With the motto “Our Liberties We Prize, Our Right We Will Maintain,” this warship is the lead ship of the Iowa-class battleship. The ship was completed and launched on 27 August 1942, with John L. McCrea as captain.

United States Navy via USS Iowa Museum

The USS Iowa is 270 meters long and 108 meters wide. With a weight of 45,000 tons, this class of ships has the strongest power generation among other battleships. Powered by 4 turbine engines and 8 double-burner superheat boilers, it produces a power of 212,000 horsepower. The ship, with a maximum speed of 70 kilometers per hour, has 3 main turrets, with 3 16-inch Mark 7 cannons in each turret.

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Naval History and Heritage Command

Called “The Big Stick”, this warship has an important role in the Pacific Theatre. Although the battleship’s role as the main warship has been replaced by aircraft carrier. USS Iowa proved that the battleship still has a significant role within the war. With the best AA artillery of its time, this battleship plays a role in protecting the aircraft carrier and it’s fleet. Not only that, USS Iowa also played a role in bombarding Japanese-occupied islands to weaken the enemy.


Not only involved in the Pacific Theatre, the USS Iowa also had a role during the Korean War. After the battleship was modernized with the latest technology and William R. Smedberg takes the role of the captain, USS Iowa sailed towards Korean waters. In the war, the battleship now nicknamed “The Gray Ghost” bombarded various North Korean military facilities. Starting from the enemy division headquarters in Kojo, to the armory and railway station at the port of Wonsan.


After approximately 48 years of service in the United States Navy, USS Iowa was retired on October 26, 1990. And on July 7, 2012, the battleship was made into a permanent museum at the port of San Pedro, Los Angeles. During her service, this Iowa-Class Battleship Lead Ship has earned 9 Battle Stars during WWII, 2 during the Korean War, and other accolades. Such as the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, United Nations Korea Medal, South Korean Presidential Unit Citation, World War II Victory Medal, and many others.

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