KETIKS.COM – In the Pacific War, aircraft carriers drastically changed the course of naval battles. This is because aircrafts are more effective, flexible, and have a longer distance than battleship-type warships. Of all the aircraft carriers that participated in World War 2, one that stood out was the USS Enterprise. (Shinehire)

U.S. Navy National Museum of Naval Aviation

USS Enterprise is one of the United States warships that Japan feared. This carrier is also the only Yorktown-class ship that survived. Although the Japanese military has announced several times that the aircraft carrier, nicknamed “Lucky E” has been sunk, it always returns and wreaks havoc on the Japanese.

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USS Enterprise was launched on October 3, 1936, and entered service in the war on May 12, 1938. As previously mentioned, the carrier with the hull classification symbol CV-6 is a Yorktown-class warship. Consisting of the USS Yorktown and the USS Hornet, both did not survive with the USS Enterprise the only Yorktown-class battleship surviving.

National Museum of the United States Navy

USS Enterprise has participated in almost all the wars in the Pacific Theater. And it is not without reason that this aircraft carrier was feared by the Japanese at that time. The warplanes and bombers from the ship have downed 911 enemy aircraft, sunk 71 enemy warships, and damaged or disabled 192 more enemy warships. The presence of this ship brings hope to Allies and triggers fear in the enemy.

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After Operation Magic Carpet, the warship nicknamed “The Gray Ghost” sailed for the New York Naval Shipyard on January 18, 1946 for decommissioning. The ship got 20 Battle Stars, Presidential Unit Citation, and Navy Unit Commendation. Various attempts were made to preserve this ship, but failed due to lack of funds. However, various artifacts such as anchors and nameplates are preserved as reminders.

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