KETIKS.COM – On December 26, 2004, there was an earthquake measuring 9,3 on the Richter scale, centered off the coast of North Sumatra. The disaster that caused the tsunami claimed 160,000 lives in Indonesia alone. Many countries responded to the tsunami by sending humanitarian aid. Like the United States which sent the USS Abraham Lincoln to help Indonesia. (Shinehire)

PH2 Tracy Lee Didas, U.S. Navy

USS Abraham Lincoln is a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier of the United States Navy. The carrier is named after Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. Currently, the carrier which was launched on February 13, 1988, is the flagship of Carrier Strike Group 12 and Carrier Air Wing 7 in the waters of the Middle East.

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Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Jeremy Graham

The USS Abraham Lincoln weighs 105,783 tons with 332,8 meters long and 76,8 meters wide. The aircraft carrier with the motto “Shall Not Perish” can travel at a speed of 30 knots or 56 km/hour. Powered by nuclear-powered A4W reactors, this 90-fighter aircraft carrier can travel almost limitless for more than 20 years without needing to return to port.

PH3 Marty Norman, U.S. Navy

Prior to the Aceh tsunami, the USS Abraham Lincoln had participated in the evacuation process when Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines. Named Operation Fiery Vigil, the carrier nicknamed “Black Pearl” led a fleet of 23 ships. That evacuated more than 45,000 Filipinos from Subic Bay Naval Station to the city of Cebu, Philippines.

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U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 3rd Class Gabriel R. Piper

The aircraft carrier was in Hong Kong when the tsunami occurred. The carrier was immediately deployed to Aceh waters to aid. Named Operation Unified Assistance, Carrier Strike Group 9 led by the USS Abraham Lincoln coordinated the flow of supplies and aid. During the operation, the United States Navy sent 2.689.000 kilograms of humanitarian aid, including food and medical supplies.

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