KETIKS.COM – In the 1930s, the Empire of Japan adopted a system of ultranationalist militancy to expand the empire. With the violation of the Washington Naval Treaty which limited the size and firepower of warships, the Imperial Japanese Navy began designing the Yamato-class Battleship. With IJN Yamato as the pride of Japan’s flagship. (Shinehire)

Archives of the Kure Maritime Museum

As previously mentioned, the IJN Yamato is a battleship-type warship of the Imperial Japanese Navy’s Yamato-class. The name Yamato is taken from the word “大和,” which translates to “Great Harmony” in English. The battleship was built at the Kure Naval Arsenal and launched into the theater on 8 August 1940.

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Archives of the Kure Maritime Museum

Weighing 65,027 tons, the IJN Yamato is 263 meters long and 38.9 meters wide. The battleship with 3 main turrets and 3 18-inch Type 94 cannons in each turret is powered by 12 Kampon Boilers. Which gives the battleship a power of 150,000 horsepower. The battleship with a maximum speed of 27 knots or 50 km/hour can travel as far as 13,300 kilometers before having to return to port.

Archives of the Kure Maritime Museum

After launch and a series of trials, IJN Yamato joined the 1st Battleship Division with Gihachi Takayanagi as captain. The battleship has played a role in various operations. Such as the Battle of the Philippine Sea, the Battle of Leyte Gulf, and the Battle of the Sibuyan Sea. But the battleship has never fought a fellow battleship, and only uses it’s turrets to bombard the islands the Allies occupied.

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US Navy 80-G-325952

The last operation of the battleship is Operation Ten-Go. Where IJN Yamato will fight to the last drop of blood. Assaulted mercilessly by 280 warplanes and bombers, the battleship and it’s escort destroyers could not hold out for long. And after approximately 2 hours, Yamato capsized and it’s armory exploded in an explosion that created a mushroom cloud like a nuclear explosion.

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