KETIKS.COM – Fjord, the word itself is still quite foreign to the ears of many people. Even so, it’s beauty will make anyone who sees it amazed and astonished. The towering valley and the giant “river” which is actually the sea like the photo above is the Fjord. However, how did this valley form? And what makes it different from ordinary valleys and rivers? (Shinehire)

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Fjords are salt water or sea waters that enter and extend far inland. It is usually “U” shaped with high, steep stone walls on both sides. This valley was formed by glaciers during the ice age, and the movement of glaciers over time changes the landscape in it’s path. This natural process erodes the valley, thus making the depths of the waters of a Fjord that can reach thousands of meters.

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Norwegian Fjords

The valley gets its name from the Norwegian word fjǫrðr. Which means “where one fares through”. This valley is widely found in the northern and southern tip of the earth where ancient glaciers usually formed thousand or even millions years ago. Such as Norway, New Zealand, Canada, Greenland, and Alaska.

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Although it can reach depths that are quite scary if you imagine and look “dead”. The waters of this are home to dozens of species of coral reefs and hundreds of species of fish. But the coral reefs that grow here are different from the coral reefs in tropical countries. Because the location is quite deep, researchers still find it extremely challenging to examine the ecosystem in the waters of the Fjord.

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Fjord often used as a tourist destination because of its beauty. Even the waters is so deep, large cruise ships often sail in its waters. For Norway, in addition to using ships or boats as transportation, we can visit this valley by bus, private car, and train.

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