KETIKS.COM – The development of the Scania V8 engine by the company’s engineers and technicians continues even to this day. Produces a more efficient and fuel efficient engine that is suitable for all kinds of obstacles. Last year’s September, Scania announced it’s newest V8 engine with 770hp (horsepower). (Shinehire)

Gustav Lindh (Scania)

Scania has launched 4 V8 Selective Catalytic Reduction engines, including a 770hp (3,700Nm) engine that beats Volvo’s 750hp engine as the highest powered truck in Europe. As previously mentioned, this latest engine has 4 variants. Namely 530hp, 590hp, 660hp, and 770hp, and save fuel by 6% when combined with the G33CM Opticruise gearbox.

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The latest V8 engine that Scania introduced is the DC16 123 engine. The difference between the DC16 123 engine and the previous V8 engine is of course higher power, but with significant fuel savings. These savings can be achieved with Selective Catalytic Reduction technology and an upgraded turbocharger.


Scania has a long tradition of offering the best automated manual transmission known as the Opticruise Transmission. G33CM Opticruise, which is the latest transmission offers a wider spread ratio. This makes the transmission suitable for low-rev engines with extended gears, reducing the fuel consumption of the truck.

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The Scania 770hp V8 offers something like never before. The enormous power with efficient use of fuel makes it worthy of the title of King of the Road. And make Scania one of the best truck manufacturers in the world.

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