KETIKS.COM – Australian Outback is a very majestic plain. Because this part of Australia is very barren, remote and vast, a lot of cargo is transported by road. And the Australian Road Train is the best way to transport very large loads in one go. (Shinehire)

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The Outback is completely dependent on transport carrying cargoes. Because there is rarely access by plane or train. Even an ordinary truck is not enough to carry the load, it takes many turns and is inefficient. Road Trains are the most effective means of reaching remote cities in the Australian Outback.

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Marco Pistolozzi (YouTube)

With a combination of 3 to 5 semi-trailers, one Road Train can reach a length of 50 to 60 meters and weigh 80 to 220 tons. With that much payload, this iron snake on street most often carries mining products, general commodities, oil or gasoline, heavy vehicles, and live livestock. Which are vital for those living in the Australian Outback.

Driving a Road Train is not as easy as driving an ordinary truck. Besides of course requires special skills, we also have to be ready to become impromptu mechanics in case something goes wrong in the middle of nowhere. Various other challenges that will be faced are the harsh road terrain, hot or rainy weather that is equally dangerous, animals that suddenly cross, even typical big fires of Australia.

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SA Infrastructure & Transport (Twitter)

The Australian Road Train is iconic in the beautiful Australian Outback, even to the eyes of the world. The meritorious drivers who risked their lives and the Road Trains are the backbone of the Australian Outback. Because without it, the Outback will only become a giant plain that is very difficult to live in.

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