KETIKS.COM – For those who understand trucks and buses, surely know a company called Scania. The automotive company’s continuous innovation has made it one of the world’s most recognized truck and bus manufacturers. Here is the history of the company. (Shinehire)


The history begins with Gustaf Erikson, who designed engines for cars. In 1897, Gustav, who was working for Vagnfabriks Aktiebolaget i Södertelge or Vabis for short, succeeded in creating the first engined car in Sweden. But unfortunately, the Vabis company did not achieve the expected profit and losing more over time.

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Surahammars Bruk, who is the founder of Vabis, is trying to sell his company or is in danger of being shut down. At the same time, the automotive company Maskinfabriks-aktiebolaget Scania needs partners and capital to build production facilities. The two companies merged into Scania-Vabis in 1911, and began manufacturing trucks, buses, and personal vehicles.


Since then, Scania (the name Vabis was removed because it was considered too long) innovated by creating high-quality, efficient trucks and buses. It even won the International Truck of the Year award twice, in 1989 and 1996. This Swedish company has also expanded it’s wings by exporting its products and opening factories in other countries.

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Since it’s founding in 1981, the company has experienced various financial crisis and hostile take-over attempts. Even so, the company based in Södertälje has survived to this day, but no longer produces private vehicles. Even at September 2020, Scania announced it’s newest product. Namely S-Series and XT-Series with V8 engine-powered 770hp (3,700Nm). Beats the Volvo FH16 750 as the highest powered truck in Europe.

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