KETIKS.COM – When you hear the word private plane or private aircraft, you definitely think of a small plane with a sharp nose, 2 jet engines on the rear, and its T-tail rear wing. It’s name is Learjet, a plane that is often used as private transportation by rich peoples. Learjet has a long history in the world of aviation, and here’s the review. (Shinehire)

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Learjet, which began production in 1963, is the creation of Bill Lear. Since about 1920, Bill has created radios for cars, early autopilot systems, and even radio signal directional finder. His invention has made him a profit of 100 million dollars in World War II. In 1960, Bill founded the Swiss American Aviation Company located in Altenrhein, Switzerland.

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Unfortunately, he did not last long in Switzerland because his prototype failed. Bill moved to America to set up his company in Wichita, Kansas. In 1963, the company began assembling it’s first Learjet, and the company changed it’s name to Lear Jet Corporation the following year. Learjet then solds well in the market, especially after Frank Sinatra popularized this aircraft.

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Although the Learjet had a good safety reputation, the aircraft is still haunted by various incidents. In just 3 years of release, 23 Learjets have experienced incidents. One of them is the incident that happened to Frank Sinatra’s motheR Dolly, where her plane crashed into Mount San Gorgonio during a storm. But the Learjet company has improved it’s security and safety over time.

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For nearly 6 decades, Learjet has been the prime jet of the private aircraft world. This easy-to-fly light aircraft with a refined and modern design is often a symbol of one’s wealth. But unfortunately, we will not be able to see the latest generation of this aircraft in the future because the production had been discontinued last year. And so ends the Learjet with it’s magnificent history.

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