KETIKS.COM – In choosing a truck, we must know clearly what we want and what the market needed. Therefore, Scania offers a wide selection of trucks for every need. Starting from the L-Series which is suitable for urban needs, to the S-Series which is suitable for long-distance travel. Here are 5 series of trucks that Scania offer. (Shinehire)


The Scania L-Series are designed to suit urban environments. Easy get up and down access, high visibility in all directions, and flexible maneuverability are the main keys of the L-Series. With a lightweight, powerful and modern 7 liter engine, the L-Series is specially designed for busy city conditions.

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The Scania P-Series is the most versatile series suitable for any demands. Ideal for urban and regional operations, this series is light in weight and extremely easy to drive. Thus making this series with unbeatable engine performance and fuel savings of up to 10% according to the specific needs of users.


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The Scania G-Series provides a combination of comfort and elegance with excellent adaptability and flexibility to the condition. This series is the perfect compromise between the R-Series and the P-Series. With a 13-liter engine that can reach 410hp, the G-Series offers the most balanced and flexible specifications in it’s class.



The Scania R-Series defines premium trucks for long-distance travel with exceptional comfort, visibility and control. Completed by a higher roof and a wider cabin, the R-Series has been designed and optimized for smooth airflow. Reduce aerodynamic drag and air resistance as low as possible.


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The Scania S-Series brings unprecedented convenience to long-distance travel. This series prioritizes the driver’s surroundings, interior space, safety and reliability. In addition, the S-Series is also equipped with an engine that reduces fuel consumption and is very environmentally friendly. All that without reducing the power of the engine.

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Different from the previous Scania series, XT-Range is a modification that offers special customization for harsh environments. These modifications include steel bumpers, headlight guards, tow kits, sturdy mirrors, high air intakes, and many others. Not only that, the XT-Range is available for all series. In order to conquer challenging environments and increase user productivity.

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